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Catch the Spirit of the Ride 

Bicyclists will love this event

Although Livingston is only 75 miles north of Houston, the terrain, air quality, and general tranquility of the area will make you feel like you are in a whole new world. Surrounded by lakes and forests and streams, Polk County prides itself as being a quiet, small-town environment where folks just enjoy the simpler pleasures of life.

Join Us Every Year in October

Polk County wants bicyclists from everywhere to come enjoy the forested hills and valleys of Polk County. This is Livingston's annual "SPIRIT RIDE", a chance to not only enjoy the gorgeous scenery of East Texas, but to also enjoy the riches of a small East Texas community and the home of beautiful Lake Livingston.

Bring the Whole Family

 After the ride, feel free to visit the many small-town treasure troves of shopping and Lake Livingston recreational activities not available in the larger metropolitan areas.

 For information on activities in the

Lake Livingston area, including hotels and restaurants, visit the Livingston Polk County Chamber of Commerce.

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